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Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm

The “Ulm Command” is a Joint Support and Enabling Service activity staffed with multinational personnel. The purpose of the Command is to exercise worldwide command and control of crisis management operations as tasked by the United Nations, NATO, or the EU, always ready to deploy at short notice.
The military-strategic and military-operational command and control of EU Battlegroups has become the signature trademark of the Command. However, it is certified to exercise command and control of operations conducted by multinational forces comprising Army, Air Force, Navy and other specialized elements with a strength of up to 60,000 troops.

Trident Jaguar 2018

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    Trident Jaguar 2018

    Exercise Steadfast Cobalt conducted in Lithuania in April 2017 marked the beginning of preparations for NATO certification of the Multinationales Kommando Operative Führung/Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm in May 2018.

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    About us

    The main focus of the Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm is to plan and exercise command and control of global crisis management operations as tasked by the UN, NATO or the EU. To this end, the Command has a multinational staff composed of Army, Air Force, Navy, Joint Medical Service, and Joint Support and Enabling Service forces, as well as of civilian subject matter experts.

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