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  • Eine Luftaufnahme der Wilhelmsburg-Kaserne

    NATO Meets Ulm

    What does the city of Ulm have to offer? What about the infrastructure at Wilhelmsburg Barracks? Representatives of NATO’s highest command in Europe, located in the Belgian city of Mons, have gathered at Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm in search for answers.

  • Chef des Stabes alt Generalmajor Habersetzer (links), Befehlshaber Generalleutnant Knappe (mitte) und Chef des Stabes neu Generalmajor Rohrschneider (rechts) schütteln Hände.

    New Challenges and a New Chief of Staff

    The task and mission spectrum of the multinational HQ in Ulm is broadening. The outgoing Chief of Staff, Major General Klaus Habersetzer, has played an important role in this development. His successor is Major General Kai Roland Rohrschneider.

  • Ein Soldat in Zivil mit Sektglas in der Hand

    As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me

    On 31 July, Austrian Warrant Officer Johann Ilk set out on a special journey starting in Ulm. The 63-year-old soldier took the phrase “to go into retirement” quite literally.

  • Ein Soldat steht am Rednerpult und spricht in ein Mikrofon

    Health and Job: Ulm Command Presents Further Innovations During Its Third International Health Days

    As an employer, the Bundeswehr strives to create a working environment conducive to fostering the mental and physical health of its soldiers and civilian members. This aspect is particularly critical to ensure the rapid and worldwide deployability of the Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm. For the third time, the Ulm Command hosted the International Health Days (IHD) at its home station, Wilhelmsburg Barracks.

  • Gruppenfoto Kameraden in Uniform

    Every Year Again - But No Less Exciting

    What are the changes facing the Ulm Wilhelmsburg Barracks after NATO certification, what are the new facilities under construction, and what is in store for the coming years? These were the questions discussed at this year’s annual meeting of the Ulm garrison reservists. They used the barbecue organized in the evening for an exchange of ideas and an informal get-together with Major General Klaus Habersetzer, who spoke to the audience in his capacity as Chief of Staff and Garrison Senior Officer of the Ulm and Dornstadt garrison.

  • Soldiers from different countries lining up for a group photo.

    EXCON – The Brains Behind the Exercise

    TRIDENT JAGUAR 2018 is this year's key exercise for the Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm, or, in short, the Ulm Command. For several years, the Command has been preparing for this exercise step by step, now aiming at its final goal: To pass the "NATO acid test," i.e. certification as a NATO joint task force headquarters. The CJ7 Division plays a critical role in these processes.

  • Soldiers from different countries attending a briefing.

    Trident Jaguar 2018: Final Steps Completed

    ENDEX – End of Exercise. Trident Jaguar 2018 is over, at least the command post exercise (CPX) portion conducted at the Heuberg Training Area in Stetten am kalten Markt. The exercise gave the Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm the opportunity to learn valuable lessons, and review and refine its capabilities to exercise worldwide command and control of crisis management operations led by NATO. The Command is now confidently proceeding towards the actual certification phase that will start in Stavanger, Norway, in just a few days.

  • Drei Soldaten stehen neben einander.

    «Je ne regrette rien!»

    Multinationality is a significant aspect when it comes to meeting the challenges of military operations abroad.

  • Multinationale Soldate laufen auf einer Straße.

    Final Steps to Certification

    Exercise Trident Jaguar 2018 has been up and running for several months and is about to enter the final phase: Almost 250 participants from 17 nations have gathered in Stetten am kalten Markt in Baden-Württemberg at Heuberg Training Area.

  • Ein Soldat sitzt auf einem Stuhl vor einem Computer.

    Computer Specialists at TA Heuberg

    "My people are great. They are the true heroes of the training area." Master Sergeant Tobias M. of the Operations Company of MN JHQ Ulm's Support Group announces, bursting with pride. The sergeant is in charge of all IT operations during the Heuberg exercise phase.

  • Three generals shaking hands with each other.

    Outstanding Mission Fulfillment

    The Bundeswehr bids farewell to retiring Lieutenant General Rossmanith in a Grand Tattoo ceremony. Lieutenant General Jürgen Knappe is the new commander of the Ulm Command.

  • A group of masked assailants pinning civilians to the ground.

    What is going on in Arnland?

    In the early stages of NATO exercise Trident Jaguar 18, the Ulm Command will analyze the causes and consequences of a conflict in the fictitious crisis region of Skolkan.

  • Ulmer Spatzen choir and Army Band onstage.

    Army Band and "Sparrows" Choir Ring in Christmas Season

    The musical performance of the Ulmer Spatzen (Ulm "Sparrows") youth choir and the Ulm Army Band at Ulm's St. Paul's Church captivates an audience of more than 800 guests.

  • Die 400 Teilnehmer stehen vor Gebäude und Flaggen in Brunssum.

    "That's Training at its Best"

    The Federation of Skolkan has attacked Norway, the north of the country is occupied, and cyber attacks and terrorist acts have been waged against the whole of the Baltic States.

  • Video: Main Planning Conference - Trident Jaguar 2018

  • Ein Soldat feuert von einem Fahrzeug aus mit einem montiertem MG.

    Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm Support Group Conducts Non-Theater-Specific Training

    The MN JHQ Ulm Support Group spent one week at the Wildflecken Training Area conducting a non-theater-specific training.

  • More than 120 international participants from government and non-government organizations pay close attention to the information provided by the subject-matter experts.

    Hybrid Warfare in Ulm

    On November 7, Lieutenant General Richard Rossmanith opened a seminar on hybrid warfare held at Wilhelmsburg Barracks' Europasaal hall as part of the 'Operational Art & Thinking Joint Seminar Series'. The seminar aims to convey a broad and all-encompassing understanding of the highly complex and hard-to-assess asymmetric threat scenarios.

  • Two soldiers with the medal of honor.

    Reservists Honor the Commander

    The Commander of the Ulm Command was awarded the medal of honor by the Baden-Württemberg Land Group of the Bundeswehr Reservist Association (Verband der Reservisten der Deutschen Bundeswehr e. V.).

  • Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm Support Group Conducts Non-Theater-Specific Training

  • Soldiers in front of a computer screen.

    Learning to Plan

    The NATO mission of the Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm is pretty clear: Exercise command and control of a crisis response operation.

  • Soldiers listening to a presentation.

    MN JHQ Ulm continues internal training to prepare for NATO exercise Trident Jaguar 18

    The Ulm Command is one step closer to becoming certified as a NATO headquarters by completing Phase I of a one-week advanced training program called 'Academics' seminar staged at Wilhelmsburg barracks. The goal of the training program is to acquire additional expertise needed for the upcoming tasks.

  • The Ulm Command is preparing for exercise Trident Jaguar 2018

    Prior to the Main Planning Conference we spoke to members of the MNJHQ about their tasks during the certification process.

  • Soldaten in verschiedenen Uniformen sprechen miteinander.

    Planning Conference to Set Course for NATO Certification

    The Multinationales Kommando Operative Führung/Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm is currently taking a huge step towards NATO certification.

  • Steadfast Cobalt 17

    Our field working environment during Steadfast Cobalt (SFCT) 17 in Kaunas, Lithuania, was set up in two days. Watch it all in fast motion.

  • Saber Strike 17

    The exercise Saber Strike 17 was recently conducted in Grafenwöhr, Bavaria. The Commander of the Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm, Lieutenant General Rossmanith, is explaining what it was all about.

  • A soldier sits in front of a computer.

    Steadfast Cobalt 2017

    Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm has participated in NATO exercise Steadfast Cobalt 17 in Kaunas, Lithuania. The exercise was of key importance as it served to test interoperability (evaluation) for certification exercises TRIDENT JAGUAR 18 and TRIDENT JUNCTURE 18.

  • Soldat spricht vor Publikum.

    Disaster Control Professionals Meet at Wilhelmsburg Barracks

    Various disaster control representatives participated in an info event at Ulm's Wilhelmsburg Barracks on 18 July 2017

  • Mehrere Soldaten stehen in einem Raum.

    NATO Article 5 Triggered

    The launch of the exercise Saber Strike 2017 has drawn over 500 exercise players from more than 15 NATO states to the US Army Training Area in Grafenwoehr, Germany.

  • TRIDENT JAGUAR 2018 - Initial Planning Conference

    From June 7th to June 9th 2017, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece Headquarters (NRDC-GR HQ), hosted in its premises in Thessaloniki, Exercise Trident Jaguar 2018 (TRJR18), - Initial Planning Conference (IPC), conducted by Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) and directed by Joint Warfare Centre (JWC).

  • The participants in the conference room decorated with flags

    Military Psychologists from 23 Countries Gather for Symposium in Ulm

    Once a year, the military psychologists from the international community of states meet for a symposium.

  • Schild mit Aufschrift.

    Milestone Battle Staff Training

    An important milestone has been passed on the way to exercise Saber Strike 2017.

  • Several soldiers unloading boxes from a truck.

    Support Paired with Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR): Nothing Is Impossible

    The Saber Strike 17 Battle Staff Training (BST) counted about 200 participants.

  • Saber Strike 2017

    Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm will participate in NATO's command post exercise "Saber Strike 2017 (SASE17)", during which the Multinational Corps Northeast in Stettin is due to be certified by NATO. As part of this project, 200 personnel from the Ulm Command are going to run an operation headquarters in Grafenwoehr, acting as superior to the Stettin Corps. At the same time, around 30 soldiers from Ulm are assigned to Exercise Control. SASE17 will be conducted in various phases and eventually culminate in early June. By participating in this exercise, the Ulm Command is preparing itself for its own NATO certification next year.

  • A man in a dark suit speaks to the audience with his arms raised up in the air.

    "Making Decisions Is the Finest Responsibility of a Commander"

    "Command, command, command, and … control." Those were the words of keynote speaker General (ret.) Sir David Capewell to describe the role of a commander during the military decision-making process.

  • Support Group under New Command

    There has been a change in leadership at the Support Group of Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm. During a formal change of command ceremony at Wilhelmsburg Barracks, the Commander of the Ulm-based HQ, Lieutenant General Richard Rossmanith, bid farewell to the Support Group's commander, Lieutenant Colonel Alois Wagner.

  • Ein deutscher und zwei österreichische Soldaten stehen vor Flaggen

    From Ulm's Wilhelmsburg to Vienna's Hofburg

    Having been the Ulm Command's Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations since 2012, Brigadier Thomas Starlinger (54) is now returning home to Austria.

  • v.l. OTL a.D. Beyer, GM Habersetzer, OB Czisch, OLt Pallasch, OSFw a.D. Arnold, HG UA d.R. Wiedemann.

    Many Donate to Support Maintenance of War Graves

    Once again, generous donations have been made to war grave maintenance by the citizens of Ulm and the Alb-Donau region.

  • Soldat des Multinationalen Kommandos Operative Führung steht auf der Bühne.

    "Security High Up on the Agenda"

    Current developments in security policy were at the center of the Multinational Joint Headquarters' annual information conference at Ulm's Kornhaus hall.

  • An American soldier giving a presentation.

    On the Agenda in Ulm: Deep Operations

    The Ulm Command is preparing for the next exercise. The exercise Saber Strike 2017 scenario portrays a classical Article-5 operation, the defense of the Alliance territory after an attack by opposing forces.

  • Two soldiers signing certificates.

    New Affiliation Established Between Ulm Soldiers and US Engineer Forces

    "This is a special day of honor for us because our German Support Company is signing an affiliation with our comrades from the American 902nd Engineer Company from Grafenwöhr, Germany," explains German Lieutenant Colonel Alois Wagner during the solemn ceremony conducted in the Ulm Wilhelmsburgkaserne Barracks.

  • Lieutenant General Rossmanith welcomes the multinational audience attending the JLSG Workshop at MN JHQ Ulm.

    Ulm as a Conference Venue: "JLSG Networking Continues."

    For the third consecutive time, logistic planning and task coordination experts from eleven European agencies gathered in Ulm, Germany, for their annual expert conference. Representatives from NATO, allied armed forces, and national institutions shared lessons learned during the two-day event which focused on current issues and challenges surrounding the Joint Logistic Support Group (JLSG) topic.



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