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About us

The Bundeswehr Verification Center (BwVC) in Geilenkirchen has a unique mission. Under the guidance of the Federal Foreign Office, and directed by the Federal Ministry of Defense, it ensures the implementation of the arms control treaties and agreements concluded by the Federal Republic of Germany with other states. With its staff of about 160, the BwVC dispatches teams to inspect military installations of the partner states and escort foreign delegations visiting Germany for inspections. The BwVC has five divisions.

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General Arms Control Affairs

The General Arms Control Affairs Division is responsible for general and central policy tasks which arise from all treaties and agreements dealt with by the BwVC. Those tasks comprise policy affairs, assistance in the development of concepts and provision of advice for the ministerial level, as well as international cooperation and arms control training courses. The division staff prepare proposals for the further development of arms control arrangements, analyze the information provided by partner states and evaluate treaty compliance of individual countries. In addition, the division is responsible for maintaining and updating the arms control documentation of the Bundeswehr.

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Regional Arms Control

The Regional Conventional Arms Control Division is concerned with implementing conventional arms control measures in Europe, in particular in the context of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE Treaty) and the Vienna Document. In the framework of fulfilling the rights and obligations arising from these treaties for the Federal Republic of Germany, the division compiles information on the German armed forces that is then exchanged with the partner states, and analyzes the data provided by them. Division staff travel as far as the Central Asian region to verify – through inspections and evaluation visits – the data provided in the information exchange. In return, the division escorts teams of the partner states which conduct inspections and evaluation visits in Germany.

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Global Arms Control

The Global Arms and Proliferation Control Division is responsible for implementing the military aspects of 18 arms control agreements. Those agreements seek to eliminate and prevent the illegal proliferation of certain weapons and types of ammunition. The division’s mission area spans the globe.

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Observation Flights in “Open Skies”

The Open Skies Division ensures implementation of the Treaty on Open Skies. The division plans and conducts observation flights over other States Parties, operating in a region that ranges from Vancouver to Vladivostok. In addition, it provides support to and escorts delegations from other States Parties during their observation flights over Germany.

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Staff Support Division

The Staff Support Division ensures the general operational readiness of the BwVC. By accomplishing the primary staff functions, it is responsible for personnel and disciplinary affairs, press and public relations, personnel and military security, the military personnel’s basic and advanced training, logistic support, the vehicle fleet and information and communications technology. In addition, the division maintains a national arms control data base.

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